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Recording studio


Prices at the Rockmöhre™ recording studio

We know that every band project is unique and makes special demands in terms of the effort and time required. That’s why we don’t have a standard price list. Instead, we quote individual fixed prices for each project that are tailored exactly to your needs. This gives you certainty and a reliable framework, so that you know exactly what costs you are going to incur.

We do our utmost to find the best balance between technical input, budget and desired outcomes for each project. It is especially important to us that we offer good value for money without compromising on quality. We understand that every project has different requirements.

Once we get to know you and have an idea of exactly where your individual needs lie, we will give you a clear and transparent price range. This will allow us to complete your music production without any unpleasant financial surprises, leaving you free to concentrate on the music. To give you a better understanding of recording studio costs, we have compiled a seven-point list in our blog showing why a band production in a recording studio provides the right balance between outlay and quality.

Feel free to contact us for an individual quote for your project. Then look forward to experiencing professional music production at the Rockmöhre™ recording studio.

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