The recording studio of choice for punk, rock and indie music!

Rockmöhre™ are the go-to people for professional production in studio facilities that have been optimised for perfect acoustics. You take care of the creative side –
and leave the recording, mixing, mastering to us.



A good song only achieves its full effect when it is professionally recorded. The perfect choice of microphones and analogue hardware is just one of many building blocks. Whether you’re jamming live as a band or individually, one after the other , we bring your energy to the recording medium in a way that suits your style, your music and your performance. Getting that rich sound is not something that should be left to chance.



If you have already recorded all your tracks, now is the time to get mixing. This stage is all about bringing out the finer nuances and giving your music the right tone. That’s where we come in, with our years of experience and intuitive feel for musical excellence. We make sure that your music productions sound the way they should: transparent, powerful, genuine, authentic and danceable. Thanks to our live stream system, you can sit in on the mixing session from anywhere in the world. And participate with studio-quality sound.


Full production

Full production is the complete deal – recording, mixing and mastering. We are there for you even before recording begins, at the stage where the energy of your songs is created: in the rehearsal room, in person or via livestream. This is how we get to know and understand you and your musical vision. We give you a creative boost and the confidence of being perfectly prepared for studio production.



This is the fine-polishing stage of production. Here, the mixdown is balanced so that the reproduction sounds perfect on all systems and in all media formats. Optimum playback quality of the audio material, regardless of whether it ends up on vinyl, streamed, as a CD, audiophile in high res or on mega sound systems in clubs.

We’ve got it sorted

We look after you from the first meeting to release date: rehearsal room support, professional photos and copy for your website or social media profile. Benefit from our network and from our decades of experience – because your success is our success!

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Studio owner and qualified audio and mastering engineer. Born to be a drummer (the guitar came later). Quirky, humorous, creative and above all the complete professional. He enjoys passing on his years of experience in the studio. “The best thing in my musical career so far was being the warm-up act to Turbostaat!”





A highly capable and likeable bunch of people in a perfectly equipped recording studio. What more could you want? The recording equipmentis among the best on the market, and the acoustically optimised rooms offer plenty of scope for creativity.


Jörg Hecker

From the very first moment, you feel confident that they are taking you seriously, that they will look after you and offer sound advice. The highest professional standard in terms of staff and technology. I’ve been there twicenow for vocal recordings and will definitely be coming back!


Daniel Frisch

A fantastic studio and a real ‘candyland’ for musicians!!! The Rockmöhre team are highly professional and totally committed to their work. At the same time, the atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed that you’re almost tempted to move in permanently. It was really a pleasure and a privilege to be able to record here. I would love to do it again.


Feivels Five

Very modern studio, perfect recording conditions, a super-efficient, professional and at the same time relaxed and flexible team. We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration and thrilled with what Claas and his team were able to get out of our songs.


Tell us about your project. We look forward to working with you. You are also welcome to send us an e-mail.

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