Mixing & Mastering

Mixing in the Möhre

Mixing is about the smallest nuances and the right "emphasis" of your music. And of course we have lots of musical sensitivity in order to get your message across properly.

Mixing: the message behind your songs

Mixing a song is all about merging the recorded individual tracks in order to merge them into a creative, optimal sound experience. In the high art of mixing, we dive deep into your music and transport what is ultimately meant to be heard... message and emotions. tears, joy, euphoria. at the end there is the so-called mixdown - ready to master!

Mastering: we let your music shine

Now comes the final polishing of the production: the mastering. Here the mixdown is balanced in such a way that the playback on all systems and in all media formats simply sounds perfect. Perfect playback quality of the audio material, regardless of whether it is played on iphone airpods in streaming or on massive sound systems in clubs.

eMixing and eMastering:
The new: "I'll bring it around"

You recorded yourself, but the mixing or mastering doesn't work as expected? No problem either: eMixing and eMastering are no strangers to us, we let the controls glow for you. Everything very uncomplicated. Just let us know, we look forward to seeing you!


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